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About The ‘Beat Store’

studio beats, instrumentals, Hip Hop, music download sites, buy beats, MPC, Akai,Dedicated to his Art, and located deep beneath the streets in his ‘The RockHill Avenue Project studio – the man named Trenton Divine has been hard at work for years as well as taking months mixing, mastering and processing the meanest, punchiest and dirtiest Hip Hop and experimental instrumental beats ready for any recording artist to get live on the mic or emcee who takes their craft serious enough to place on wax or digital download.

Featuring a huge selection of hip hop industry standard, street ready, smooth chilled out, jazzy hip hop lounge, emotional ambient, gully type frequencies and/or inspirational, motivational vibe beats. If you’re looking for quality instrumentals then let them come from Trenton Divine. mixed with due care and attention to ensure maximum impact and hits every time.

If you like your Hip Hop straight up with no chaser, underground, main stream, urban chill out lounge sequenced, raw down south flavor or just want to experiment with a new sound then check out The RockHill Ave. Project’s ‘Beat Store‘ today, and sample the future of Hip Hop production.

Productions destined for hip hop purists, 90’s backpackers, street hustlers, head nodders and cosmic musical evangelists across the globe looking to make future classics, retro fashionable and hip hop golden era productions.

Trenton Divine has been involved in the recording industry since 2003. From working in sound recording for television, music and radio where he homed his ear for sound, learned live stage performance mixing and live studio sound mixing, to owning his very own recording studio for the last 7 years producing and making drum tracks and beats for many local artist in his surrounding areas. Trenton Divine has decided to take his talents to the global world wide web platform and now is proud to bring recording artists from all over the world his unique blend of high quality, industry standard instrumental beats. The creative genius who is Trenton Divine is the Chief Executive Operator of the illustrious ‘The RockHill Avenue Project’.  Contact me. Lets build!

-Vocal Tags Removed once License Agreement is Purchased
-Must Give Credit To Trenton Divine And/Or The RockHill Ave. Project (Always)
-Royalty Free, No Sample Clearance Needed
-Use for commercial uses!
-Distribute units and make money!
-Sell and use on iTunes/ TV/ Video/ Airplay/ Albums/ etc.
-Receive HQ 24 bit Wav file or MP3 via email.
-The RockHill Ave. Project still owns full rights to beat(s) w/ licensing agreement.
-Beat can still be sold under license agreement until Exclusive rights are purchased.
-If you exceed limit you can purchase a 2nd lease or exclusive rights.
-Purchase to own Exclusive FULL rights available (SELL UNLIMITED UNITS)
Visit theLicensing page for complete details

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