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studioThe RockHill Ave. Project is here to provide a unique location in which any artist, truth seeker, musician, cosmic musical evangelists that want to travel across the globe looking to make future classics, retro fashionable and hip hop golden era productions. Life revolutionist can feel comfortable on this avenue. A diverse innovative avenue website where a lasting relationship, active, stylish and metamorphosis lifestyle can be built. The RockHill Ave. Project’s product is a tool, a means to justify an end result, not only a brand name and a place to mold your life and career. As The RockHill Ave. Project evolves to produce quality productions and a platform to absorb knowledge The RockHill Ave. Project will seek to perfect and search out to be a quality environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected. The RockHill Ave. Project is not here to kiss your butt, only to kick it if thats’s what you need to engage life and follow your dreams, goals and understanding. The RockHill Ave. Project needs YOU, because face it, The RockHill Ave. Project wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for people wanting to better their existence. This is where YOU belong.

-Vocal Tags Removed once License Agreement is Purchased
-Must Give Credit To Trenton Divine And/Or The RockHill Ave. Project (Always)
-Royalty Free, No Sample Clearance Needed
-Use for commercial uses!
-Distribute units and make money!
-Sell and use on iTunes/ TV/ Video/ Airplay/ Albums/ etc.
-Receive HQ 24 bit Wav file or MP3 via email.
-The RockHill Ave. Project still owns full rights to beat(s) w/ licensing agreement.
-Beat can still be sold under license agreement until Exclusive rights are purchased.
-If you exceed limit you can purchase a 2nd lease or exclusive rights.
-Purchase to own Exclusive FULL rights available (SELL UNLIMITED UNITS)
Visit theLicensing page for complete details

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